Shubee, Macon, Ga., offers a rather unusual "tool" that you probably don't have yet in your toolbox arsenal. It's one that your customers are intended to see, and while it won't really help you in your work, it is one that might make a lasting impression after you've left the scene.

Steve Stone, Shubee president and ceo, says he ran a plumbing and hvac company for many years, "and 90% of our work was residential repairs. I know by experience, that the customer only perceives value on the physical things that they can see or touch. So we constantly worked on things that would be seen to gain attention for our technicians, such as clean uniforms, ID badges, and shoe covers.

"Of all the things that we did to raise the bar, shoe covers was the greatest tool. So we took this concept one step further, and started a company called Shubee Customer Care Wear, which makes custom-made shoe covers, specifically for service technicians."

Their logo is a bumblebee wearing shoes. The shoe covers are large enough to fit over a boot, and come in a rainbow of eye-catching colors, such as red, orange, yellow and white, and come with a nice citrus scent. Your customers will appreciate your attention to detail, and your kind regard for their clean carpets. To order call 877-974-8233.