When John Anton of A-1 United Heating in Omaha, Neb., was first introduced to the idea of an automated heating and cooling system, he thought it was a fantastic idea.

"We get so many requests from office managers and building owners for PC-based control," said Anton. "I knew it was something our customers wanted, but until now every system was just too complicated."

In June, Research Products Corporation introduced the "Aprilaire" Hvac Automation System to light commercial dealers. The interface used in this system is "Aprilaire" Communicating Thermostats. These thermostats provide control of heating and cooling equipment through a personal computer resulting in an intelligent system that provides comfort, energy savings, and peace of mind.

"What makes the Aprilaire system so unique and enticing to building managers and owners is its ease of use," said Joe Hlavacek, Aprilaire product manager. "It is entirely graphic-based, so it's very simple to use an operate. Changes can be made to the network thermostats simply by using the mouse to point, click and adjust."

Anton installed a complete system in his showroom "and it wasn't much different than a standard thermostat installation. Now potential customers can come in, take a peek and the system and realize, firsthand, how simple it really is."

From a PC, the system manager can set limits for temperature overrides. Individual users can then control their own comfort within the software guidelines. For example, individuals may increasea temperature 58 for a maximum of one hour. After one hour, the temperature will revert back to its software setting.

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