The Tennessee Valley Authority has added HVAC Excellence certification to its list of requirements for its contractors.

TVA provides power to 158 local companies for distribution in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina and Virginia. A contractor must meet TVA's requirements and standards for installation of heat pump systems to be recognized as a "quality contractor." The Quality Contractors Network was developed by local power companies to ensure that its members have the skills and knowledge to install and properly service heat pumps.

The requirements for membership include a business license, insurance, worker compensation and a credit check.

Acceptance to the network requires that a contractor show evidence that they possess technical knowledge for heat pumps. The contractor must pass a heat pump plan standard review, pass the Air Conditioning Contractors of America's Manual J training and testing, and obtain HVAC Excellence or North American Technician Excellence heat pump certification.

HVAC Excellence said its heat pump certification program tests a technician's competency in the areas of installation, service and troubleshooting.