GRAND RIVER, Ohio - Pickle Bill's Restaurant has been rebuilt and now sports a new polyurethane-insulated roof.

Pickle Bill's Restaurant, a lakeside landmark in Grand River, Ohio that had been destroyed by fire, has been rebuilt and now sports a new polyurethane-insulated roof.

The project included 8,100 sq. ft. of Metl-Span's CFR-42 polyurethane-insulated roof panels finished in Agean Blue.

Cost efficiency and ease of installation of Metl-Span's "all in one" composite panels were the deciding factors in the selection of the roofing material, according to roofing contractor Andy Russo, of ARJ Inc., Wickliffe, Ohio.

"The plans originally called for traditional decking, insulation, and standing seam roof material. But we presented the Metl-Span one-piece concept as a better idea and they bought it," Russo said.

Cleanliness and insulation value were also important considerations, Russo added.

"In a busy restaurant and smoky bar environment, it's important that the material be easy to clean. And given the northern Ohio winters, insulation value is critical too. The Metl-Span panels are phenomenal."

The only challenge in the installation process was working from a floating barge alongside the restaurant.

"I know we left a few tools at the bottom of the lake," Russo said.

The general contractor on the project was Rickelman & Associates of Chagrin Fall, Ohio. John Daniel Fay Architects, Chesterland, Ohio, designed the project.

The Metl-Span CFR-42 roof panel has a 42-in. net coverage and a mechanically closed standing seam that is two inches high. Profiling between the seams is a Mesa pattern with stucco embossing for added strength and superior appearance. Panels are extremely easy to clean and are attached to the structure with clips and fasteners concealed in the side joint to ensure maximum water tightness.

The metal composite foam panels attach directly to the supporting structure, eliminating the need to lay down a deck, vapor barrier, insulation and metal panel.