Through a partnership with Sprint and Nextel, CertainTeed Corp. is offering distributors and dealers discounts on cell phones and wireless technology services.

The new programs were created to help qualified CertainTeed customers save money and operate more efficiently by staying connected with their business at all times.

The national program, which allows both existing and new Sprint/Nextel customers to participate, will save users 12 percent on their Nextel iDEN service and 9 percent on their Sprint PCS service.

Participants can take advantage of phones and wireless technology, such as the Nextel walkie-talkie, Sprint PCS Vision for wireless access to information while away from the office, and unlimited calling of other Sprint phones.

"This program will allow our distributors, dealers and credentialed contractors to take advantage of a great money-saving offer that will not only help make them be more productive, but more profitable as well. It's a valuable service that provides building professionals more options in their wireless service, which is an essential means of doing business today," said Peter Dachowski, president and CEO of CertainTeed.

To learn more about the program, CertainTeed customers can